Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Great Hiding of the Boxspring

So sometimes these creative ideas just pop in my head and I decide to do them without giving much consideration to thoughtful planning or difficulty. I pretty much just wing it off of whatever I am picturing in my head. On Saturday I go the bright idea to sew a bedskirt for our bed. I absolutely LOVE our bedset that we bought from West Elm, but it didn't come with a bedskirt and it has always bothered me that when the bed is made you can still see the boxspring. So, I was determined to fix that!

This post is not going to be really step by step, because as I said before, I kind of just "winged" it. So I bought fabric that closely matches our shams (yay Walmart! JoAnns actually disappointed me this time). I bought a super cheap flat white sheet to act as the top lining. First I laid out the sheet and cut it exactly to the width and length of the bed.

Do not even consider this project unless you are patient (ironic that I'm not). The total project time for this was literally about 16 hours. My husband can vouch for that because thats how long our house was torn apart. Also, because he had to cook dinner two nights in a row so that I could finish sewing.

Added a pleat

Soon after starting, I realized that my single one stitch sewing machine wasn't going to cut it, so I went out and bought a new one. As soon as I set it up, I realized that the blasted thing doesn't accomodate normal sized thread bobbins! Therefore, I had to set my bobbin up on my old machine (background) and thread the thread through the front new machine! How ridiculous! Needless to say, I took it back......

I measured up from the floor and cut slits in the material. This was the most frustrating part of the entire project. It didn't take me super long, but all the measuring to accomodate the bed frame was ridiculous. I later finished the cuts with a seam.

  Lastly,  I sewed finished edges on two panels. I then sewed these panels to the backside of the bedskirt at the foot corners. This provided a covering for the boxspring on the corners so that you can't see it.

 The finished product! I'm so happy with it! (Just don't look to closely at the seams...haha)

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