Monday, August 27, 2012

SpongeBob Cake

As I mentioned a couple days ago, I was asked by a friend to make a special Spongebob cake for her son for his 4th birthday this past weekend. Since it was a smaller cake, I was able to work the fondant all by myself and didn't need Mitch's muscles. Total time for baking and decorating this cake:  about 5 hours.
The base of the cake.

The pineapple lump before the fondant was placed over it. This is not solid frosting although it looks like it. It DOES have cake hidden in there somewhere.

Shaping the leaves for the top of the pineapple with pencils.

The finished product!

Looking back, I would have done this a bit differently (but I'm not sure how) because I had some support issues. I had to use more cardboard and dowels than I would have preferred. Overall, the 4-year-old seemed to like to though, so that's all that really mattered.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

...Gone Tomorrow


So much lighter in weight! It takes less time to do in the morning too so I'm lovin' it :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hair Today....

Gone tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Wedding in Paradise

As you may remember, I mentioned that we were headed to Kauai soon (for the 3rd year in a complaints!) for my brother-in-law, Logan and his fiance, Manisha's wedding. We just got back yesterday after a fun-filled trip and a long day of traveling. It's nice to be home, but I'm sad to go back to work tomorrow.

For any past trips that I've taken or that we've taken together, we've never really had any issues with flights or delays. Unfortunately, our trip this time was much different. The inbound flight out to Los Angeles was delayed by 2 1/2 hours so they switched our flights around as soon as we got the airport. Anyway, it all ended up working out and we were upgraded (for free!) to bulkhead seats both ways for our long flight.
This trip was different than our previous two because we had a lot of friends and family on the island to hang out with. Here are some photos from the trip!


A crane on our balcony.

Our 4-wheeling group on our way to our first adventure!

Our friends Rocky and Nikki's Jeep after the first part of our trip.

We had SO much fun in our Jeep that we popped a tire! Rocky and Mitch had to replace it right there.

The ginormous house and property that my brother-in-law and his fiance rented for the wedding.

On this property, there were tons of coconut trees. Mitch and his older brother Nathan developed an obsession with getting the coconuts down and cracking them open. Due to this obsession, this happened:

He would have had a black eye if he hadn't been wearing sunglasses. But the sunglasses left a nice impression beneath his eye. Our friend Rocky was helpful enough to Google this type of accident and inform us that 150 people die per year from a coconut falling on them.

Nathan taking a turn trying to crack open a coconut.

The reception site.

A violinist played music before the ceremony started.

Mitch's parents walking down the aisle.

Mitch's older brother Nathan and Manisha's sister, Melisha.

Mitch and Manisha's friend, Diana.
Waiting for the bride.

The kiss!
The new Mr. & Mrs!
Making it official and signing the Marriage License.
One of the tables for the reception.
Me and the hubs at the reception.
The first dance. Sorry for the blurriness; my camera is horrible if anyone/anything is moving.
As a suprise to everyone, the bride and groom had a fire dancer come to entertain the guests.
The wedding was so beautiful and in such a gorgeous setting. Everything turned out really pretty.

Awkward transition....

The next day we were having dinner in our condo and I had a fight with the oven. The oven won.

We headed back out the next day to have some more fun in our rentals.

Airin' down the tires.

The Grand Canyon of Kauai.

One of the ridges on the Na Pali coastline.
One of the beaches we took the Jeeps on.
The dirty rentals after all the fun.
All 16 of us went Ziplining together.
The sunset on one of the final days we were there.
It was so sad to come back. We were having such a relaxing time. It's even sadder to think that I have to go to work tomorrow. I'm glad I took today off though to have a "transition" day. Off to go change the laundry load!

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