Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hhhaapppy Birfday Cinderelly!

I just really like to imitate Gus saying that. Don't know who Gus is? You seriously need to sit yourself down with the original Disney's Cinderella movie. Anywho.....yesterday was my birthday! Mitch gave me my birthday gift a day early so I could wear them on my birthday.

Aren't they gorgeous?!

At work, my office celebrated my birthday with a yummy ice cream cake and a $50 gift card to Macy's.....look's like I can put that with my other one and finish out our China set! Yay!

Then, I received these beautiful flowers from my hubby! He remembered that I loved peonies! I was so sad when I found out there was absolutely no way to get them for my bouquet for our July wedding. Sad day. Thats okay though. I was impressed that he remembered I loved them though. They are not your cookie cutter looking flower. They are awkward and fluffy in my opinion and thats why I love them!

This past weekend, we went up to Merced (first time since Christmas!) to visit with my family and celebrate my birthday with them. It was such a relaxing, do-nothing weekend. I went to Hobby Lobby and dragged my family with me so I could buy all the necessities for a fun upcoming project and utilize 40% coupons for everything. I'm sure my dad and Mitch were absolutely thrilled going up to pay for girly project things. More on that project next month. Overall, very fun, relaxing birthday!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I guess it's somewhat true that you should be careful what you wish for. I recently posted that I had the travel itch. Shortly after that, I booked a trip to North Carolina to see one of my best friends Kathryn! While I was there, I got a text from my boss that I would be leaving to Chicago for a business trip in only 5 days! Therefore, I came home late on a Sunday night from North Carolina and left mid-day that Wednesday to Chicago. I left there late Friday to come home. I unfortunately was not able to stay there longer to actually see the sights and I was pretty much in meetings a significant part of the time I was there. Here's a recap of my trip!

On my way to North Carolina, I had a layover in Atlanta, Georgia. the sun had just rose and the clouds were absolutely beautiful!

This is Kathryn's adorable son, Luke. Kathryn and I took him and his sister, Grace to the park while we were there. He's pretty much the funniest kid ever.

He kept going down the slide and his hair was SO full of static.
These are some of the houses in the neighborhood of the park we went to. I LOVED all their houses over there. Most are made with brick and according to Kathryn for what we would pay for an 1,100 sqft house here in Los Angeles, we could buy a 6 bedroom mansion in North Carolina..... sad day.
While we were there, we did some crafting. It made me seriously wish I had a fabulous sewing machine like Kathryn does.

This is Grace. I couldn't get her to smile, but thats okay. She is adorable. I recently starting following the blog of Ashley from  The Christian Wife Life. She is from North Carolina and has talked about Cheerwine soda several times, so of course I had to try it while I was there. It was good, but still doesn't compare to my Dr. Pepper.

I also tried CiCi's Pizza for the first time! Mitch and I always see commercials for these at home, but we have no idea where they are. Well Kathryn's husband, Drew, happens to LOVE CiCi's Pizza so it didn't take much convincing to have dinner there one night while I was there.

This is right before we went to church. Cheesy smile from one, no smile from the other... haha

Me and Kathryn!
 And now......on to Chicago!

The view from my hotel room in downtown Chicago.

There was such beautiful architecture in the downtown area. I wish I could have stayed longer to actually do some signseeing.

For whatever reason this was this huge statue of Marilyn Monroe in the middle of downtown.

The National Association of REALTORS building! I have heard and talked about this place for almost 11 years and it was so cool to actually see it and be in it!

Needless to say it has been quite the last two weeks! It is so nice to be home and to know that I am staying home. I missed my hubby!

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