Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lots of DIY

So, I have this really classy, fun, elegant, party atmosphere pictured in my head for the wedding reception. And as we all know (or maybe only those who are getting or have been married know) these things cost a ridiculous amount of money. You have to be willing to barter, haggle, and negotiate with people to get what you want for cheap. Hence, the decision to hand-sew each one of my 43 tables at the reception. Of course, many have offered to help and lend a sewing machinge (thanks for that!) but I was never too much of a fan of the standard polyester table cloths. I was initially going to use black ones, but my mom and I decided that might look too much like a funeral. So, last weekend, me, Mitch, and his parents went into the L.A. fashion district and I found this amazing material that I LOVE!

It is a fushia-colored crushed shimmer satin and I am absolutely in LOVE with it. Now, I researched this particular material as a table cloth and the EXACT same material rents at $30 per table. No thank you. I can make it for MUCH cheaper. So, end result, Mitch and I are driving into L.A. Friday morning and buying 404 (yes that number really says 404) yards of fabric to sew the table cloths ourselves! It will be quite the accomplishment :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bride Expo

Last weekend, Mitch and I went to a bride expo in L.A. to get some ideas on various things for the wedding. I was really glad that he went with me because I wanted him to see different ideas and help me make informed decisions. He surprisingly, really enjoyed it. We both kind of decided to do some sort of a centerpiece that incorporates Manzanita tree branches, hanging crystals, hanging votive candles and hanging flower ball things. I don't know how to really describe flower ball things. I'm kind of using some of these for ideas.

Mitch really likes this idea too! I'm thinking that it will be relatively cost effective considering the number of table that we will need to have (close to 50) because our guest list is so huge. Another thing that I fell in love with is using rhinestone buckles on the invitations somewhere. These are a couple of inspirations.

I will continue to post more stuff about the wedding as our planning continues. If you're interested..................we have a wedding website. You can see it, by going to

Monday, May 25, 2009

We're Engaged!!!

Two weeks ago (I know...and I'm just now posting?!?!) Mitch and I went up to my grandpa and Marihelen's house to celebrate my sister's birthday, Mother's Day, and my Aunt LeAnne and Uncle Alan's wedding anniversary. I was completely exhausted from a long week of teaching 5th grade and completing college assignments so I was relaxing inside the house. Everyone else was outside on the deck visiting. My dad called me outside because he wanted to take some family pictures. I went outside to do that and then turned around to go back inside the house. Before I made it to the door, Mitch came over to me and kissed me and told me he loved me. I kissed him back and told him I loved him too. Then he bent down and told me that that he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with me. Nothing had clicked yet with me. Then the next thing I know he is down on his knee asking me to marry him. I started bawling and of course....I said yes!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break and a Root Canal

So, I am officially done with my Student Teaching in the Kindergarten class that I was in. On Monday, I will start with 5th grade. It should be a drastic change, but we will have to see what I like better! Anyways, I was so stressed towards the end of this last student teaching term. I was teaching full time by myself, trying to work part-time as much as possible, I had a 21 page TPA paper due, and also a 21 slide Powerpoint to turn in. Understandably, I was going crazy!

So, I went home for some rest and relaxation just to find out that I needed a root canal. A root canal?!?!? I'm only 23 years old!!!! Last year, I had to get a crown put on and at that time it was because I didn't really think that flossing was important. Well, I have been a faithful flosser for over a year now and I went back to the dentist not only to find that it didn't help at all, but that my tooth was actually worse than my other one was last year! So I was able to have the root canal done on Monday (which I wasn't initially planning on staying that long in Merced for), and I was able to come home with my sister. Needless to say, my spring break was not as stress-free as I had intended it to be.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Much Needed Mini Vacation

This past weekend, me and Mitch took a much needed mini vacation. I have been giving my all to going back to school and teaching Kindergarten AND working part time and I really really wanted a break. So, we took a little vacation! It was soo much fun. I have this Bucket List of things I want to do and go to the San Diego Zoo and ride on Amtrak were both on the list. I also really wanted to see the Gaslamp District.
We had such a good time and I swear that we walked like 5 miles over the course of the weekend. We really didn't eat that healthy, but I don't feel guilty because of all the walking that we did.

The only downside to taking a break in the middle of my overhaul of things is that I had a really hard time getting back into the swing of things; especially when you throw the time change into the mix. I DID NOT want to get up this morning! Anyways, here are some pictures from the trip.

Petco Park

Gaslamp District
We had a caricature drawn of us!!!!

We didn't take a truck down there so we used public transportation to get around everywhere.

Beautiful ocean view from the Amtrak train on the way home.


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