Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year's in Needles

For New Year's, our friend Mike and his fiance, Delany invited us to go with them to Mike's parent's vacation home in Needles (just up the river from Lake Havasu). We initially were going to take our trailer, but there were no spots left available. So, we ended up staying in Mike's parent's house. It was a super nice home in a really adorable little park. Everyone had Rhinos (we brought ours), Razors and golf carts. Right across the street was the desert and we had direct access with the Rhino.

It was so dusty when we were driving the Rhino, but we had an absolute blast!

The mobile home park was right on the river.

We saw a plane landing on the water.

Little Miss Layla on her little quad.

Going on a little ride around the park.

Helping install a new baby gate.

Can you tell it's Mitch?

We stopped to watch the train.

A desert storm off in the distance.

An abandoned turtle shell.
Mitch and I had such a relaxing weekend and it was so much fun to hang out with Mike and Delany and their daughter all weekend. Also, Mike's mom was the cutest hostess ever and was so welcoming to us. We plan to go back with our trailer sometime!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our First Hosted Christmas

Since Mitch and I got engaged we have rotated holidays between my family and his. This year was our year to have Christmas down here with Mitch's family. We got together with Mitch's brothers and decided that we would try something new and host Christmas at our home this year! I was so ecstatic. I absolutely LOVE hosting parties and things. Plus, we have been extremely blessed with what we have and I feel like we should share it with others.

Here are some photos of the day (with my new camera I got for Christmas!):

The weekend before Christmas. Opening gifts with my family.

Our tree this year.
Christmas morning!

Setting the table

Another table

One our our friends and his kids came over so we could deep fry their turkey before we did our own. Super tasty!

All the tasty food!

Logan made homemade pies for dessert.


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