Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Comin' Back

So, I don't feel like I really talk all that much about my relationship with God on here and quite frankly the reasoning behind that is because I've been a pretty terrible friend/daughter to him this past year. I really allowed myself to get lost in the busyness of life. Also, with all the wedding planning, we were gone almost everyother weekend and that really didn't help. We went to church while we were in Merced, but I just honestly don't get as much out of the sermons at this church as I do in our home just down here. The pastor in our Merced church is much harder to understand and his sermons and so much harder for me to connect to and apply to my current daily life. However, when we attend services at our church down here, the sermons are like living water. I feed off of them and I feel them help me connect with God on such a deeper level.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming this lack of connectiveness on anyone but myself. I really just allowed myself to set my life on cruise control and just live day to day and focus on the daily tasks at hand. Lately however, we have been attending our church every week and also, I witness Mitch turning into such an amazing man of God. He is always the first to tell me no when I would rather sleep in on a Sunday morning. Also, he always reminds me to pray before we have dinner and he is the ones that prays. I am just so amazed at the spiritual change that I have seen in him. Also, one of my friends on Facebook has done a complete 180 in the past year and also has turned into an amazing man of God. This is such an encouragement to see how he once was and who he is now. He stands up for what he believes in. He stands up for God. What an encouragement that is. I find so often that I shy away from controversial things in front of people that I don't know that well, but this friend is not afraid to lay it out on the line and stand for Christ. He is not concerned with what anyone thinks or says to him. He just stands for truth alone. I am continually being encouraged by not only the person this man has become, but also by Mitch and our pastors sermons. I'm finding my way back with the help of Christ and those that He has laid in my path :)



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