Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cows & Rain

I was going through my camera and I found these fantastic pictures from when Mitch and I went up to Merced a month or two ago. My mom, my sister and I were hanging out the entire day and we ended it by driving up to UC Merced. It is absolutely beautiful there because it is right in the heart of country land. Also, there are lots of cows!! When you combine cows, rain, beautiful lighting and a rainbow, you get some cool pics! (BTW.....I LOVE cows.) Enjoy!

I truly miss living in Merced when I look at pictures like this. I miss the slower lifestyle. I miss having less traffic. I miss how the towns are actually separated by miles and miles and not just feet. I miss how the country is only a short drive away. I miss being able to get away from crowds of people so easily. I miss going to the grocery store and running into a ton of people you know and having the cashiers know you by name. I miss the cows and I miss having my family closer. Merced is a good place. I'm a fan.


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I absolutely miss you too!


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