Friday, February 8, 2013

Best in the Desert Off Road Race

Last weekend we headed to Parker, Arizona to the Best in the Desert Off Road 425 Race. Mitch was asked to be part of the pit crew of a friend who was racing that weekend. We took our trailer and camped in the Mid-Way Pit right alongside the racetrack. Pretty dang cool.

Hanging out behind the trailer by the racetrack.

Some of the "big money" racers had their own personal helicopters flying around the entire track with them! Insane.

I made pancakes on race day. Mitch was busy and I had no table so I used an ice chest and two camping chairs. Improvise!

Quick check and refuel.

All clear!

And he's off!

We went with our friends Bryan and Candace and their son, Parker.

Parker kept saying "Cheese" to me; meaning he kept wanting me to take his photo.

Mitch and I walked up on the hill across the way so I could take a photo of all the trailers there that were filled with people there to help pit the cars.

Zoomed in of our trailer (just left of the bush).



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