Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Glamis

Mitch and I spent Thanksgiving this year in the desert at Glamis. It was my first Thanksgiving not being at home. Even though I spent the holiday with all men and only 1 other girl, it was still pretty fun. I'm definitely not very confident driving our Rhino on the dunes by myself, but I still had fun just because of the fact that we were camping.
Mitch LOVES to ride his dirtbike on the dunes out there and so he had a blast. I took some good reading material and enjoyed myself while he was gone. His friends are pretty cool too so I chatted it up with some of them when he was on the dunes too.

On the way out there, we left Monrovia at about 9:30 at night and got in Glamis at 2:00 in the morning. Mitch's friends were all still up so they helped us park and set up camp, then we all hung out for a bit and ended up going to bed at about 4:00am. It is so crazy how everyone sets up camp though. There is this one really long road that we were on and everyone kinda just parks and makes camp alongside the road.

It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL out there, when you are overlooking the dunes.

And this is our fabulous Thanksgiving dinner that Mitch and I so artfully prepared. Mitch deepfried the turkey. That is the BEST way to eat a turkey. It makes it soooo moist.



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