Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bride Expo

Last weekend, Mitch and I went to a bride expo in L.A. to get some ideas on various things for the wedding. I was really glad that he went with me because I wanted him to see different ideas and help me make informed decisions. He surprisingly, really enjoyed it. We both kind of decided to do some sort of a centerpiece that incorporates Manzanita tree branches, hanging crystals, hanging votive candles and hanging flower ball things. I don't know how to really describe flower ball things. I'm kind of using some of these for ideas.

Mitch really likes this idea too! I'm thinking that it will be relatively cost effective considering the number of table that we will need to have (close to 50) because our guest list is so huge. Another thing that I fell in love with is using rhinestone buckles on the invitations somewhere. These are a couple of inspirations.

I will continue to post more stuff about the wedding as our planning continues. If you're interested..................we have a wedding website. You can see it, by going to http://www.theknot.com/ourwedding/StephanieOliver&MitchMaertens



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