Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lots of DIY

So, I have this really classy, fun, elegant, party atmosphere pictured in my head for the wedding reception. And as we all know (or maybe only those who are getting or have been married know) these things cost a ridiculous amount of money. You have to be willing to barter, haggle, and negotiate with people to get what you want for cheap. Hence, the decision to hand-sew each one of my 43 tables at the reception. Of course, many have offered to help and lend a sewing machinge (thanks for that!) but I was never too much of a fan of the standard polyester table cloths. I was initially going to use black ones, but my mom and I decided that might look too much like a funeral. So, last weekend, me, Mitch, and his parents went into the L.A. fashion district and I found this amazing material that I LOVE!

It is a fushia-colored crushed shimmer satin and I am absolutely in LOVE with it. Now, I researched this particular material as a table cloth and the EXACT same material rents at $30 per table. No thank you. I can make it for MUCH cheaper. So, end result, Mitch and I are driving into L.A. Friday morning and buying 404 (yes that number really says 404) yards of fabric to sew the table cloths ourselves! It will be quite the accomplishment :)


Kathryn Pepper said...

Very impressive! I really wish I could help with that. You will be SOOO proud of yourself once it's done!


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