Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Touch of Flair

So, Mitch and I made two fun decisions to make our wedding unique and add a touch of flair.
Decision #1: We were initially wanting a sweatheart table for just the two of us. We DID NOT want a traditional head table and we wanted all of our bridal party to be able to sit with their significant others or guests. I was going back through some wedding pictures that our photographer had done about 2 weeks ago and I found this head table idea that I LOVED and I was trying to figure out how to do it with our bridal party and our Reception hall layout. Well, we decided to go ahead and do it and I'm so excited! It is going to add to the "hang-out" party atmosphere.

We are putting our head table in the middle of the room and having us, our bridal party and their significant others all sit together! I know that's a little non-conventional, but's our wedding!

Decision #2

Feathers! I already knew (from talking with our florist) that I wanted to incorporate feathers into bouquets, boutineers, or centerpieces, but again, I was looking on our photographers website and got a great visual of how to tie these into bouquets and boutineers.

So I think that I'm going to have some black feathers in my hot pink bouquet and the groomsmen will have some black feathers too and maybe even the bridesmaids. Again, a little non-conventional, but hey, its our wedding!

Okay, that is my fun bit of flair that we decided to add to the wedding.


Kathryn Pepper said...

I'm so excited!! It sounds like it's all coming together!

Becca S. said...

That sounds so fun! It is YOUR wedding, you can do whatever you want!


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