Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Cake

Okay, as mentioned before, I had a HUGE baking project that I volunteered to do for my brother-in-law and fiance for their wedding shower last weekend. I maintained my sanity throughout the entire ordeal (for the most part) with only a few minor hiccups. Thank goodness my mom was there though to assist and to take photos. I was so "in the zone", I WAS NOT going to stop to take photos as this was a very important cake.

They had a very large couples bridal shower at my in-laws house because they are getting married in Kauai in less than two weeks and many people would not be able to travel to the wedding. Our third year in a row in Kauai! I can't say I'm complaining.....

Working away on the frosting.

I had to set up an additional table in the dining room area to hold all the cake!

Assembling the cake and trying to not look at the camera because I was gross looking due to not having showered yet.

My dad was sooooo helpful! If you haven't worked with fondant before, it is an extreme forearm workout to knead it and work in any colors you might be adding. My forearms are not very strong for this so I begged my dad and he agreed to jump in an help.

My dad hating his life right now.....

Assembling the cake at my in-laws house.

The finished product!!!!! It turned out soooooo stickin' beautiful! I was so happy! By the way, one of the benefits about being married to a General Contractor is being able to ask him to make a custom cake stand for you because you don't want to rent one and you don't want to put it on cardboard.

Me, my brother-in-law, Logan and his fiance, Manisha and THE CAKE.

Aren't they so cute?!?!?


I feel like every photo my mom and I take together, we are eating cake. I have a photo exactly like this from my wedding.

The next day, we celebrated Mitch's and Manisha's birthday (they are on the same day) and a local restuarant.

Mitch go to open his gift from iPad!
Such a fun weekend. I'm glad I'm done with the cake. As I did with my first cake, I told Mitch, "Next time I want to do a cake, remind of this". It didn't work the first time, and it obviously isn't going to work this time as I already promised to make a Spongebob cake at the end of the month. Hmmmm....spongebob. I'll have to think about how to do that one.



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