Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Toby's Sleepover

My in-laws are out of town. They are up in Oakland helping Mitch's oldest brother move out of his apartment and move back down to SoCal. Their (previously Mitch's) dog, Toby, is all by himself in the house since their other dog recently passed away. Mitch felt sad for Toby. Mitch begged his wife to let him bring Toby home for the night. Mitch's wife was hesistant. Then Mitch threw out the classic comment of "But you haven't cleaned the floors yet, right?" True statement (I am putting that off until next weekend so they will still be clean when my parents come the following weekend). After more convincing, Mitch's wife agreed.

See, I wasn't really brought up as a person that likes dogs in the house. I like dogs and I don't mind being in houses where dogs live, it just isn't anything I was really raised with. Think that I'm a weirdo, but I slept horrible last night because I was concerned he was going to go to the bathroom in the house (even though he never does that at Mitch's parents). Also, I kept hearing his collar jingle when he moved and it was just added noise that I wasn't used to. Anyway, I guess I don't mind the sacrifice because Toby seemed to have the time of his life. From the moment he got in the house, he was so ecstatic because there was so much new stuff to sniff and explore. He kind of took it upon himself to explore the house all by himself. It was kind of comical.

Now I REALLY need to clean.



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